• October 1 – Deadline for holding National Pageants
    (A Country’s National Pageant may be concluded any time prior to October 1 in order to fulfill all visa and competition requirements.  Participating individuals may apply after October 1, provided that they will arrive and be prepared by all deadlines).
  • October 28, 29 – Arrival in China
    (Candidates and National Directors will be picked up at the airport and delivered to their hotels in Shanghai, and brought by bus to  Wuzhen Water Town.
  • November 30 – Press Conference in Wuzhen
    (To be attended with local officials)
  • November 1-4 – Training
    (Candidates are expected to have prepared in advance for much of the competition as per requirements distributed in advance to National Directors and individual participants).
  • November 5 – Final Competition and After Party
    (The competition is scheduled to be held in Wuzhen Water Town)
  • December 6 – Winners tour and events
    (Winners are required to remain during this day to tour Wuzhen Water Town.  Non winning candidates are also invited to remain for the day).

**Miss World Culture (“MWC”) tentative schedule may be changed in accordance with policy and procedures of the organization if agreed by a majority of the organizers.



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